– 192.168.l.l IP address is a private IP address and it is used by device manufacturers to assign it to various networking devices. So this IP address is only accessible inside the local area network. You can not access it from outside your local area network. If there is a need to access the router from outside the local area network, you can get a public IP address from a broadband service provider or internet service provider and ask them for help.

How to Login to

  • First, open your device’s internet browser and Click Here or type the 192.168.l.1 URL into the address bar.
  • A login web page of your modem/router will be open.
  • Now Write the default username as well as password on the router’s configuration webpage.
  • Now the router admin panel will be open, Now you can change and modify your router settings

Changing the Wireless Password

  1. Go to the top menu of the “Wireless” modem settings;
  2. The “Basic Wireless Settings” screen will appear. Note that in this router model it is possible to configure two wireless networks (primary SSID and secondary SSID);
  3. Under Primary SSID, you can change the display name of your wireless network, mostly to something more familiar;
  4. To proceed, go to the side menu located on your left, under “Wireless Security”;
  5. In “WPS settings”, check the “disable” option;
  6. In “safe mode”, select the option “WPA2 – PSK”;
  7. In “WPA Algorithms” (still talking about security), check the “TKIP&AES” option;
  8. Under “Security Key”, choose the desired password for your wireless network. This password must be longer than 8 (eight) characters;
  9. To save the settings made, press the “Ok” button.

Changing To Other IP Address

This IP address is and is assigned by the device manufacturer to devices. So it is not wise to change it to a different IP address. Moreover, even if you want to change it, you can change it to other local IP addresses like,, and, not public IP addresses. If you change the router IP address, do take a minute to note it down somewhere. IP is necessary for fixing common router problem

The default IP address or IP is necessary for fixing the common router problems. If you are facing an unsmooth internet connection then you may reset the settings but before that, you may need to check the settings. If somehow your router setting has been changed then you may face several problems. You should find out what type of problem you are facing. You need to make sure of the location of the problem. The problem may occur from the ISP or the router. If the problem occurs from ISP then you need to contact ISP to fix this issue or if the problem persists from the router then you need to check the device settings. If your device settings are ok then reset for once. If you find the problem still occurs then contact with vendor for fixing the issue.

All of the router companies give a powerful features to the router users. That is to access the router settings. Otherwise, it was very difficult to increase the security of the setting. However, if you do not know how to change the settings then you can visit youtube.com. There you will get many tutorials based routers.

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