Pub landlady is jailed for 10 years for stabbing barmaid

Pub landlady is jailed for 10 years for stabbing barmaid she wrongly suspected of affair with her husband because he had blurted out victim’s name while they were having marital sex is jailed for 10 years Luisa Santos, 47, said she grabbed a fish knife to ‘frighten’ teen Hannah Pritchett Santos, from Princethorpe, Warwickshire, had … Read more

Doctor reveals her tailbone SNAPPED during labor

A pelvic health doctor has laid bare her own harrowing experiences of childbirth in a warning to other women about the brutal realities of labor – while urging people to better educate themselves on the ins and outs of their bodies.  Dr Teresa Irwin is a self-proclaimed ‘vaginacologist’ – an expert in female pelvic dysfunctions – … Read more

Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe warns the world ‘cannot turn a blind eye to Iran’

Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe has warned the world ‘cannot turn a blind eye to Iran‘ as she urged Liz Truss‘s Government to act over Tehran’s human rights abuses that prompted the recent hijab protests.  The British Iranian national, who was imprisoned in Iran for six years before her release earlier this year, said the recent events have … Read more

Miss USA INSISTS she is the rightful winner after competitors claims the beauty pageant was rigged

Miss USA insists she won the beauty pageant fairly and had ‘no unfair advantage,’ despite many of her fellow contestants claiming the contest was rigged. R’Bonney Gabriel – a fashion designer who previously won Miss Texas –  told E! News’s The Rundown: ‘It was not rigged, because I would never enter any pageant or any … Read more

Legends of ‘Negrito’ people living in Taiwan CONFIRMED, study says

The ancient Taiwanese legend of ‘short, dark skinned’ people who lived in remote mountains and suddenly disappeared has been confirmed to be true following the discovery of a ‘Negriot’ woman’s remains in a cave that dates back 6,000 years. The nation’s indigenous tribes have long shared stories about small stature hunter-gatherers who were already settled … Read more

‘A risk to the whole planet’: Zelensky warns Russia ‘already preparing citizens for nuclear war’

‘A risk to the whole planet’: Volodymyr Zelensky warns Russian officials are ‘already preparing their citizens for nuclear war’ – after Ukraine’s president backtracked on comments suggesting Nato ‘launch pre-emptive strikes’ on Putin’s forces Ukrainian president said ‘kicks, not attacks’ would be needed to halt nuclear talk Kremlin has teased potential use of nuclear weapons … Read more