South Korean K-pop group BTS faces possible mandatory military service

South Korea’s military appears to want to conscript members of the K-pop supergroup BTS for mandatory military duties, as the public remains sharply divided over whether they should be given exemptions. Lee Ki Sik, commissioner of the Military Manpower Administration, told lawmakers on Friday that it’s “desirable” for BTS members to fulfill their military duties … Read more

Prince William ‘furious’ at ousting of Queen Elizabeth’s private secretary in power struggle

The Prince of Wales was said to be ‘angry’ after Lord Geidt was forced out of the Royal Household – Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images Prince William was “furious” about the way in which Queen Elizabeth II’s private secretary was forced out following a power struggle with the then Prince of Wales and the Duke of York, … Read more

Iran denies killing 16-year-old with batons amid nationwide protests, claim she fell off roof

Iran on Friday denied reports that its security forces killed a 16-year-old girl by striking her with batons amid nationwide protests and claimed instead she committed suicide by falling off a roof. Protests over the death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini last month received renewed vigor this week following allegations on social media that Sarina Esmaeilzadeh was … Read more

White House denies Venezuela deal as critics warn any Maduro regime deal is a mistake

vene The Biden administration denied plans to relax sanctions on Venezuela to allow American businesses to operate in the country and unfreeze vital financial assets.  “Our sanctions policy on Venezuela remains unchanged,” National Security Council spokeswoman Adrienne Watson said in a statement. “We will continue to implement and enforce our Venezuela sanctions. As we have … Read more

Internal memos reportedly say Mark Zuckerberg’s big metaverse app is suffering a ‘quality’ problem, and even employees aren’t using it enough

Zuckerberg shared an updated metaverse avatar image Friday after being widely mocked for a previoud version.Mark Zuckerberg Memos from Meta’s VP of Metaverse to staff say the app has too many quality and performance issues. One memo said the team building the metaverse app doesn’t spend enough time using it, The Verge reports. Updates to … Read more

China’s secret police have invaded American shores: human rights advocate

China’s reported overseas police service stations and their operations to persuade citizens to return to the homeland mark a dangerous expansion of the regime’s international reach, according to a human rights advocate.  Safeguard Defenders, a pan-Asian human rights organization, published an investigation last month detailing a Chinese campaign to combat “fraud and telecom fraud” crimes … Read more